NEW! Multi-Lingual Design Centre Templates

Multi Lingual Design Centre Templates

In the real estate industry, communication is the key to your success. There are so many different platforms and avenues you can take to communicate with prospective buyers and sellers, and all you have to do is decide which one you are going to travel down. That is, assuming that your audience all speaks English as their first language. With the growing number of people immigrating to Canada, we know that assuming everyone speaks English fluently could leave many people in the dark when it comes to the information you are trying to get about a listing. It also means that having a way to communicate with them effectively can be exactly what you need to set you apart from your competition.

Luckily, the RE/MAX Design Centre has just released NEW multi-lingual templates which allow you to create templates in four different languages besides English including French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Not the language you’re looking for? Don’t worry, there are more languages that will be coming soon including Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi. Once they have all been released, language will no longer be a barrier when it comes to creating attractive, branded marketing materials for your clients.

How Do You Make a Multi-Lingual Flyer?

1.)    As of right now, the multi-lingual templates only include flyers. Once you have logged in to Design Centre, click on the “Flyer” icon on the right side of the design templates

How To Create Multi-Lingual Design Centre Templates

2.)    When the search options appear at the top of the page, click the drop down arrow on languages to select the one you would like your flyer to appear in.

How To Create Multi-Lingual Design Centre Templates

3.)    Once you have selected the language, a gallery of the templates you have to choose from will appear below. From there, select the template you would like to continue working with.

How to Create Multi-Lingual Design Centre Templates

4.)    Once you have chosen a template, click on it, and then select “Select This Design” to continue.

How to Create Multi-Lingual Design Centre Templates

You are now ready to finish the template, the same as you would any other template in the RE/MAX Design Centre. Once it’s complete, you are ready to share! To learn more about sharing your completed Design Centre projects, watch this video.

Did one of these templates quickly become a favourite you will be using often? If so, you can favourite it in Design Centre so you know exactly where to find it next time you are looking for it. Learn how you can favourite a template in the RE/MAX Design Centre here.

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