NEW (Regional) Updates to Design Centre

This is an image of one of the NEW RE/MAX OA specific templates in Design Centre

Have you seen the NEW RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic specific projects? With a crisp and modern design, these feature sheets, postcards and mobile virtual tours will be sure to wow your clients well into 2014!

The next time you log into Design Centre to create a project, search by task and select the RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic folder.  Browse through the many different templates we’ve updated, but pay close attention to these templates as they are some of our favourite: Single Photo Flyer 4, RE/MAX OA Multi-listing Flyer 1, RE/MAX OA 4-page Listing Flyer 4 and RE/MAX OA Listing Flyer 17.

To easily find these templates, copy and paste any of the titles mentioned above directly into the search bar, located in the top right hand corner of Design Centre.

Need help logging in, finding a template or creating a project? Email our web support team at or have your administrator book a Design Centre training session at your office through


This is an image of the words quick tip on a sticker with a pin tack

Extra Tip: Go the extra mile by reaching out to clients on a monthly basis — there is always something to celebrate or make note of. With the month of November now upon us, don’t forget that we have two e-card templates available for you to share a thought or reminder about Remembrance Day. These templates can be found under the Remembrance Day heading within the Occasion folder. Select the template and customize with your own remarks. These e-cards are an easy way to keep in touch and stay top of mind with both existing and potential clients.

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