New Trademark and Graphic Standards Manual


The RE/MAX Brand Identity: Trademark and Graphic Standards manual has recently been updated, and is now available for download on RE/MAX Mainstreet ( You can click the “Marketing” tab on the home page or search the downloads using the keywords “trademark manual.”

A brand is more than a name, a logo or a collection of products and services. It’s how people think and feel about an organization as a whole, and it’s the essence of what makes a business unique. We encourage you to always to provide and suppliers or designers a copy of this manual, so that we can keep our brand message consistent across the entire network.

Updates to the 17th edition include:

● Standards for using mobile phone numbers on property signs. Agents are now permitted to replace the office phone number with a cell phone number, as long as they have Broker/Owner consent and such a change is permitted by their local laws.

● Standards for The RE/MAX Collection signage. New standards address the color and black ­and­ white logos, and include size and clear space requirements as well.

● Standards associated with logos for the 2016 RE/MAX Advertising campaign.

● Examples of approved directional and open house signage.

● Standards on domain names that contain “remax”. Broker/Owners may now omit the city from a domain name containing “remax” if there is no duplicate office name located in the broker’s state or province.

● Clarifications regarding proper use of the RE/MAX logo, including use of the RE/MAX logo in office signage.

RE/MAX relies on the power of simple, clear and consistent visual and verbal communications that distinguish the network in the marketplace, connect with consumers, and further build the strength and value of the brand. Download and share a copy of this manual with all those who play a part in shaping your company or personal brand.

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