November Sales Meeting Tips

Sales Meeting Tips

When the beautiful fall colours start to appear, the temperature drops, and signs of autumn are all around us, it is clear that the seasonal change is upon us. Although the transformation us all around us, one thing that doesn’t seem to change is the attendance at your regular sales meetings. From increasingly busy schedules to the holiday season on the horizon, we have the tips you need that will not only encourage your agents to attend, but will ensure it is at the top of their list each month!

Update Your RE/MAX Profile: 

With all the time and money RE/MAX spends on Search Engine Optimization, there’s a good change your profile on is the first impression a new client may be getting of your agents. Make sure they log in to Launchpad and go to the “Control Panel” to make sure they have a fully filled out profile and up-to-date headshot.

New to RE/MAX:

Did you know there is an entire video series for agents who are new to the RE/MAX Brand? Simply log in to Launchpad, go to “RISE” and search for the video called “New to RE/MAX”

Getting Started with DocuSign:

With paperless transaction on the rise, make sure you stay ahead of the curve with a tool like DocuSign. RE/MAX Integra now has a partnership with DocuSign offering our agents a heavily discounted rate. Have your agents watch the video in RISE called “DocuSign e-signatures: Getting Started 101″ to learn all the basics about DocuSign.

Canada Post Unaddressed Admail:

Did you know you can now easily access the Canada Post Unaddressed Admail directly in Launchpad? Show your agents that they simply have to log into Launchpad and click on the new “Canada Post” button under “Marketing”.

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