October is Breast Cancer Action Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Action Month! Did you know that one in nine Canadian women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime?

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is Canada’s leading community-driven breast cancer charity dedicated to funding innovative research, health education and advocacy programs that aim to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, lower mortality rates and support women and their families who experience breast cancer.

CBCF is proud to recognize RE/MAX as a long standing partner and would like to thank you for your continued support. Together, we will create a future without breast cancer.

Our Partnership

At CBCF, we recognize that RE/MAX agents take their social responsibilities within the community very seriously. RE/MAX has worked closely with CBCF for over two decades helping to raise much needed funds for breast cancer research, advocacy and education. To date, RE/MAX agents have raised over $1.8 million and that figure is growing every day

How You Can Donate

It’s simple! As a RE/MAX agent, you have the ability to donate a portion of your commission from the sale or purchase of each property to CBCF by signing up for the exclusive Home for a Cure program.

Sign Up For Home For The Cure


The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is pleased to offer all RE/MAX agents who sign up to donate a minimum of $25 per transaction:

  • a lovely welcome kit containing brochures and client thank you cards, a customized certificate, a sign rider and your choice of a Landmark General Products Power of Pink select product
  • Your name included in the charity search function on the remax.ca website
  • A tax receipt for your full donation at the end of the year

Get involved in the One New Thing 10 Day Challenge:

Did you know that one out of three Breast Cancers can be prevented by living well? Living well often means making changes to your diet, activity levels and other factors. Since these things are rarely easy, getting started can be intimidating. It is for that reason that the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation created the One New Thing 10 Day Challenge, a way to take on one new activity just long enough for it to take hold. To get started, all you need to do is visit this website where you will be prompted to answer a few quick questions and then will instantly get a choice of One New Thing Challenges. You wil also be able to create your own personal breast health plan to help reduce your breast cancer risk based on your answers. Take the One New Thing 10 Day Challenge today!

Get Involved

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