Opt-In to Help Fort McMurray through the NEW Nationwide Program!

Fort Mac

While wood, nails, and shingles may seem rather insignificant on their own, together they make a home where you can build dreams and make memories. They work together seamlessly to create the place you return to after a long day, and the place you can count on to make you feel safe and secure despite what is happening beyond the four walls that surround you. When that safety and security become something you can no longer count on, it is up to those around you to work together. At RE/MAX, we are the nails, wood, and shingles who will pull together to create the feeling of home, where a home may no longer exist.

On May 1st, a massive wildfire began spreading in Fort McMurray, Alberta that threatened dozens of communities and forced all 94,000 people to evacuate. Residents were forced to leave behind their homes, belongings and even pets. We at RE/MAX would like to band together to help them through this difficult time.

“To continue to support the residents of Fort McMurray as they rebuild their homes and lives, you have the opportunity to donate each time you sell a home. “

We have set up a pledge form that will give you the opportunity to join the Red Cross: Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal program that will help provide relief for those affected by the fires through emergency food, clothing, shelter, personal services and other things they will need through this difficult time.  In three easy steps, you can make a difference in the lives of those affected:

  1.     Download and fill out the pledge form
  2.     Return the filled out pledge form to the correct person within your office
  3.     Share this blog post to encourage their clients to get involved through a one-time donation

The dedication to the communities you live and work in is one of the many reasons why RE/MAX agents stand above the crowd. We as a region have made a significant donation and are empowering our network to now make transaction-based donations on an ongoing basis. Any donations made before May 31, 2016 will be matched by the Federal Government, so it is imperative you fill out the pledge form and we begin collecting donations as soon as possible.  

Thank you for helping us get involved, and we look forward to working together to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Download Pledge Form