Paid Advertising Using Facebook & Google

Imagine what life would be like without technology. It surrounds us every day and even those who haven’t fully embraced it would be lost without it. It helps us not only in our business, but in our day to day lives. We use Facebook to communicate with clients, learn about their lives, and connect on a personal level that no other marketing medium will allow. Google is a lifeline that provides you with the information you need within seconds and without it, we would be lost. Think about the last day you went without checking into Facebook? How about Google? Chances are, you can’t remember and if you can’t remember, your clients probably can’t either.

Now that you know where they are spending their time, you know that digital marketing is more important than ever. If you attended Chris Smith’s session at RE/MAX Kick Start 2014 on Paid Advertising with Facebook and Google, you might remember one important message he sent out. You know that the majority of home searches these days begin online, so when your clients begin their search, would you rather be there at the moment their search begins, or do you want to be there after they have already started searching when they sit down on the bus and see your picture? The answer seems pretty clear, and the reality is, if you’re not there when they begin their search, one of your competitors might be.

In his session, Chris, along with many other presenters at Kick Start, made it clear that it has never been easier to generate seller leads from social media than it is right now. That being said, in order to be successful you need a blueprint to help guide you. There is a certain balance you need to find, and while Google Pay Per Click can have buyers in your car this weekend, it can also cause you to overspend and break your budget when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Whether you believe it or not, Chris will show you how you can dominate any neighbourhood or postal code using ads anyone can afford. All you have to do is watch the video below to learn the tips, tricks, and secrets you need to start successfully implementing Facebook and Google ads in your business.

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