Personalized Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Personalized Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays, courtesy of @REMAXoa

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to hunt for the ultimate gift. This Holiday season treat someone to a personalized case or cover for their favourite tech item! Know a client who can’t live without their phone; why not make a case covered in memories?  Have a co-worker who does all their business on a tablet? Why not make a case covered full of quotes? Finally, do you want to give a gift to the kids that will land you the coolest parent title? For only $39.95 you can make all of these dreams come true by giving the perfect tech accessory!

Creating Personalized Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Casetagram can connect to your photos on Instagram, Facebook or Camera, allowing you to drag and drop the photos you’ve selected into your layout of choice.  With a simple step by step process, you’ll have the perfect personalzied gift created in no time.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Choose the device you wish to create a case for.
  2. Select a Layout.
  3. Connect Castegram with your Instagram, Facebook or Camera’s photos.
  4. Drag and drop selected photos into your chosen layout.
  5. Choose a case and filter.
  6. Save and add to your cart.
  7. Purchase


If a case is not the accessory you want to make, but you still want to do something fun with your Instagram photos, why not have them made into magnets?

Creating Personalized Tech Gifts for the Holidays

Sticky Gram allows you to make your memories into sheets of magnets.  With an easy drag and drop photo selection process, you’ll have a sheet created an ordered in under 15 minutes! That sure beats the malls!

Have some fun with your camera’s photos this holiday season by making turning them into lasting memories, offline! Happy creating!

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