Pinterest: Best Practices & Top Secret Ideas

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Pinterest is all about visuals. It is a place for users to create and manage collections of pictures for inspiration, motivation, wish-list making and creative sharing into themed boards. It is essentially an online vision board that allows you to store your ideas on a variety of topics – whether it been home decor, recipes or tips and tricks. One of the best things about using Pinterest is that it not only stores all of your ideas in one place, you no longer have to go searching for those ideas as Pinterest is already filled with an array of visual ideas to choose from.

Where do you start?

Pinterest makes it very easy for you to like, pin and save images. These are images you can share with your database and share across your various social media platforms.  You use your creativity to compose themes for each board, then pin images or videos that fit into the category. The following are examples of themes that could be used on a Pinterest page:

  1. Home Decor Inspiration
  2. Landscapes
  3. Community Events
  4. DIY How To’s
  5. New Listings
  6. Client Gifts
  7. Personal
  8. Master bedroom


Here is an example of  a Pinterest account led by a RE/MAX REALTOR who has clearly done their Pinterest homework:

Pinterest Board Ideas

You can create as many boards as you would like, featuring as many themes – the opportunities are endless. Finally, don’t be afraid to stray away from Real Estate related themes. Keeping up with your personal interests is important. It also gives your followers (family, friends, existing and potential clients) a chance to learn more about you.

Happy Pinning!

“Pinterest is a tool for collecting and
organizing things you love.”


Additional tips (because we can’t wait to see you become a pinning pro) :


  • If you’re using an image that is not yours, site the source
  • To give your pins further life, share your pins on Facebook & Twitter
  • Pin pictures from your online newsletter and/or website
  • Use keywords and hashtags in your description so that your pins appear frequently in searches
  • Follow Others, you’ll come across people that are pinning similar interests as you, this will also help you gain followers

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