Prepare for Yard Sale for the Cure

Yard Sale For The Cure

Spring is well known for many exciting things including outdoor BBQ’s, sunny days spent outdoors, and enjoying the green grass and bright flowers popping up in gardens around your community. While it is easy to enjoy all the positive things spring has to offer, it’s important to remember the one task spring is notorious for, Spring Cleaning!

Whether your clients are new homeowners, are planning to sell, or are simply looking to de-clutter, this time of year is famous for hosting yard sales. Fortunately, our community partners, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, have everything they need to not only help them de-clutter, but create a future without breast cancer. You can easily get involved by clicking the button below, and find some tips and tools to help if you are already planning to host a yard sale this weekend!

Host a Yard Sale

  • If you would like to explore a few Yard Sales in your area, plan your route by finding where the sales are in your community.
  • Find the Tips and Resources you need to know when hosting a sale
  • Make sure you advertise! Have the kids create posters they can place around town. Don’t forget, less is more, so avoid the glitter and drawings and make sure the information is bold, clear, and concise.
  • Have a plan: Not everyone is crazy about going through your used goods. Place hot ticket items at the front to draw people and make them want to explore the sale further.
  • Name a Price: Make sure that all items are clearly marked with a price so your visitors can decide whether or not they would like to purchase it based on the price. If you have a bunch of small items, you can also create a table where all items are priced under a certain amount to encourage people to buy multiple.
  • Keep it Realistic: With proceeds going to a good cause, you obviously would like to make as much as possible! With that in mind, you want to make sure the items are priced to sell so you aren’t left with a bunch of clutter. A good rule to stick by is make sure all items are priced around one third to one half of their original price.

If you have participated in the Yard Sale for the Cure in the past and have tips and tricks to share, make sure you let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or by leaving a comment below! Good luck to everyone participating and we can’t wait to hear about your success.

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