Real Estate Isn’t Just About Luck

Real Estate Isn't Just About Luck

It’s mid-March and after months of short, cold, winter days, we are finally starting to see some warmer temperatures and shrinking snow banks. Not only does this mean that summer is on the horizon, but it means we are getting closer to the busy spring season ahead. On a day where we observe all things green and hope for some of that Irish luck to rub off on us, it’s important to remember that when it comes to buyers, sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t. While we are hoping that today, and every other day this spring, brings you luck, we don’t want you to leave your success to chance. The tips below will help you plan ahead and work for it.

Marketing Goes Both ways

When we think about marketing, we tend to think about the things we push out to the public such as email campaigns, direct mail, or ads on social media. While these are all effective marketing methods when used correctly, you need to remember marketing is a two way street. To organically attract potential clients to your site, make sure your inbound marketing strategy is up and running. Simply put, inbound marketing pulls your target audience to you through the creation of quality content. By creating content that is helpful to prospective buyers or sellers, you are increasing the number of qualified visits to your site. Attracting traffic is just step one; make sure you have the systems in place to keep them coming back for more!

Don’t tell me, show me

Visual content is not only eye-catching, it is more understandable. It takes our brains much longer to process and decode text. Visuals can increase your engagement and prompt your audience to take action. Take this a step further by incorporating video. Before you brush off video marketing, consider these stats:

Real Estate Isn't Just About Luck

Be the Expert

It’s your job as an agent to guide your client through, what can be, a complicated process. Be the local expert on all things real estate and offer to help people whenever you can. Take it a step further by putting yourself in your client’s shoes. Understand their needs and anticipate their questions. Make sure you are ready to answer questions about the property and the neighbourhood. Highlight features of the area and emphasize what’s in it for them.

Lights, camera, action!

Properly staging a home can not only help to sell the property, but it can increase its value. Focus on curb appeal – the yard and entryway – to pull buyers in. If the homeowner is on a budget, small things like cleaning, de-cluttering and getting rid of unpleasant smells can go a long way.

No matter what your marketing plan looks like, don’t forget to measure your results. Focus on initiatives that work for you, and drop those that don’t have any traction.

Don’t forget to take advantage of all of the RE/MAX tools available to you to support your marketing efforts. Get creative in Design Center, incorporate the monthly housing report into your campaign, and leverage the power of The RE/MAX Collection tools!

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