Recapping RI LIVE | Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies

Lead Generation

This past week, we hosted RE/MAX INTEGRA LIVE | Lead Generation and Conversion Strategies. The panel for this month’s episode was amazing! We were joined by:

Panel of Experts

Jim Coady

Jim Coady

RE/MAX Best Choice

Natick, MA

Lisa Peronto

Lisa Peronto

RE/MAX Realty 100

Brookfield, WI

Karl Martone

Karl Martone

RE/MAX Properties

Smithfield, RI

The conversation started off with a question. What really counts as a lead? While a lot of agents only consider their incoming online inquiries as leads, the panel agreed that this type of lead is not the only kind out there. Think of your previous clients, people in your sphere of influence and even your frequent vendors (plumbers, contractors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, etc.). These people count as leads! However, you need to take the time to categorize each lead in order to properly market to each group.

Marketing to your various leads is simple. Get back to the basics! While consumers and agents alike have so much access to information and technology, remember that clients still value face-to-face interaction more than anything else.

Panelist Karl Martone admitted that one of his favorite ways of prospecting was knocking on a past client’s door. While some might view it as “old-fashioned,” Karl said people generally responded well to a polite check-in. Jim added that doing the little things for people, such as the quintessential Buffini “pop-bys,” proved to be great ways to retain his client base and assuring follow-up transactions and referrals. Lisa, who went from getting her license to cementing herself in the Platinum Club in only three years, has credited the skyrocketing of her young career to the simple act of follow-through. To paraphrase, Lisa claimed that a lot of the agents (mainly from other companies) in her market frequently neglected to follow the common courtesies of research, persistence and genuine interest in the client’s benefit. Lisa also noted that asking herself how she could better serve her clients (past, present and future) has separated her from a lot of her competitors. Make it a priority to focus on each client as a person rather than just a lead or a number.

Thank you to Karl, Jim and Lisa for their time, input, and willingness to share their practices and thoughts!

For much more information, check out the full webinar below.


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