REdatum: The Easiest Way to Use Statistics in Real Estate


REdatum has had the pleasure of serving the real estate industry since 2005. With an experienced team that has been here since day one, all of us at REdatum are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer experience. Whether you are an agent, broker, franchise, MLS organization, or state-wide association, REdatum has the right solution for your needs. We provide full customization and automation or standard reporting for all tasks, big and small.

By being the first to deploy an online-interactive real estate statistics platform for the North American market we are proud to say that our products and services have changed the way that real estate professionals use statistics. When clients come on board with us, they stay with us. REdatum is committed to providing you with dependable information, flexible solutions, and the highest standards of professionalism.

Our online solutions give you the freedom to access your data from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer with internet access. Many of our reports can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file for your convenience. And best of all, there is no limit to support and training hours. If you need help, simply give us a call or send us a message. Our client care is our best feature.

You have a business to run, so let us do the stats for you. You are a real estate professional, so focus on what you do best. We are not here to re-invent your business plan. We are here to help you save time and money while you enact your vision.

We can help you with your backend office decisions or on the front-lines presenting to your clients and prospects. When we say “We make statistics easy!”, it’s more than our tag line, it’s our promise.

If you want an easier way to:

  • Research the market trends for your area
  • Gather content for your blogs and presentations
  • Recruit agents to your company
  • Discover your performance ranking for any area
  • Find new markets to work in
  • Establish your credibility as a professional
  • Retain your top agents

… then give us a call. Are you ready to grow your business? Do you want an easier way to use statistics? Do you want to try all of this risk free? Then schedule a demo with one of our representatives today.

To learn more please contact us at or call us at 1.866.403.1568

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