Registration Open! Join us at RE/MAX CONNECT in Ottawa!

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Join us for an event that combines everything you need to know to build a successful business in one jam packed, fast-paced agenda. Attendees will hear from industry leading experts, RE/MAX leadership and receive training on the most current and relevant topics. Attendees will walk away with new skills, the most current information, and endless networking opportunities.


From learning and development to regional updates, and learning how big brands and millennials are connected, RE/MAX CONNECT not only has the best topics, but the best speakers!



Regional Update

Are you up to date on the latest news within the RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario-Atlantic Region? If not, we will be sharing everything you need to know at RE/MAX CONNECT! From Regional Director Christopher Alexander sharing the latest information in the region, to Carrie Manson sharing the latest in Marketing and Promotions in Behind the Balloon, you will leave CONNECT educated and informed.

Keynote Speaker

Join Gerald G. Clerx, author of “Bridging the Selling Gap” for his session titled ‘Customer Service Excellence – Win/Win Negotiation’. Win/Win Negotiation Skills will introduce you to three sources of negotiating stress and show you how to resolve them using a four-step resolution model. Mastery of this skill promotes your personal well-being, bolsters your professional reputation, increases client satisfaction and strengthens the collective brand of your company, industry and Association.


This year, we are heading to three different locations, which one of these will we see you at?

  • Ottawa | March 22 – Registration Open!
  • GTA | April 25 – Registration Coming Soon!
  • Halifax | May 16 – Registration Coming Soon!

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