RE/MAX Launchpad Partner IXACT Contact: An Official Integration Partner with FiveStreet

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RE/MAX Launchpad partner IXACT Contact is proud to announce that they are now an official integration partner with FiveStreet, RE/MAX INTEGRA’s corporate solution for lead distribution and management. 

FiveStreet allows you to manage all of your leads in one place and works with any online lead vendor that sends leads through email. They currently process leads from over 100 online vendors.

With a couple of simple steps, you can now link your FiveStreet account with your IXACT Contact CRM so that all leads that are captured by FiveStreet automatically flow into your IXACT Contact database.

“This is a huge time saver for RE/MAX Agents”, said Rich Gaasenbeek, IXACT Contact Co-Founder and EVP, “as leads captured in FiveStreet no longer have to be manually re-entered in order to create contact records in IXACT Contact. And users can take advantage of IXACT Contact’s ability to automatically assign new leads to a targeted drip email lead nurture plan.

“This is especially good news as IXACT Contact is a RE/MAX Launchpad partner, and the CRM that is integrated into our Take Flight training program.” said Rachana Mathew, RE/MAX INTEGRA Program Manager.  “As one of the most popular real estate CRMs amongst RE/MAX Agents, this new FiveStreet integration is good news all around!”

Wondering how the integration all works? Here’s more on how the integration is configured:

  1. Sign in to IXACT Contact
  2. Go to your User Profile
  3. Click the Lead Capture tab
  4. Scroll to the Lead Capture – Form Post & Web Service section at the bottom of page, and copy your Lead Capture ID
  5. Log in to FiveStreet
  6. Under the Account menu, select Add-ons & Integrations
  7. Find IXACT in the list and click the Configure button
  8. Paste in your IXACT lead capture ID and click Save
  9. That’s it!

See it on RE/MAX Launchpad

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