RE/MAX to Buy the House, MAXPERX to Make it Home

MAXPERX - RE/MAX INTEGRA - Ontario Atlantic Canada

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Get exclusive consumer product offers to pass on to your clients with MAXPERX. See what MAXPERX is all about and why YOU will benefit from this new consumer program.

Whether your clients are inexperienced first-time homebuyers or veterans in real estate, their new purchase can come with some massive — and sometimes unexpected additional costs. Renovations, new furniture and insurance all add up and your clients deserve to catch a break.

That’s why we’ve created MAXPERX, an exclusive new program to RE/MAX aimed at helping consumers with their new home expenses.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the retailers RE/MAX has exclusively partnered with:

MAXPERX - RE/MAX - consumer discount progran

That’s not all! This is just the beginning of our list of partners. As we continue to roll out this discount program, we’ll be adding even more partners to this list for your clients.

MAXPERX is just another reason why a consumer should choose to work with a RE/MAX Agent, giving you that competitive edge.

Access your Personal Code:

Log into RE/MAX Launchpad and click on the menu in the upper right hand corner. Your MAXPERX code will be listed right below the RE/MAX Balloon.

MAXPERX code on RE/MAX Launchpad
You can then share that unique code with your clients, giving them exclusive RE/MAX access to deals and discounts — just one of the many perks of working with a RE/MAX professional!

Get Your Clients Signed Up Now Starting January 23rd:

  1. Client visits and registers using a unique code given to them by their RE/MAX Agent
  2. If they are not affiliated with an Agent, they can also login to and favourite an Agent in order to gain access
  3. The client can then download the MAXPERX App from the App Store or Google Play
  4. The client can then shop at any of the affiliated partners and redeem the promotions
  5. Agents will be informed on a monthly basis of who on their client list has logged in and who will be expiring soon – this provides them insight into how/when to communicate with clients about the program
  6. When a client logs into MAXPERX or the App using the Agent’s ID, they will automatically become linked to that Agent on favouriting

How to Use MAXPERX to Your Advantage

  • Include information about MAXPERX in your listing presentations or buyer meetings
  • Do you have magnets or promotional cards? Include your unique code on them to give to your clients
  • Email or message clients when they are coming close to expiry to remind them of the program and create another meaningful touchpoint

NOW AVAILABLE! RE/MAX Launchpad tools to help Agents promote MAXPERX on social.


Log in to RE/MAX Launchpad to find your MAXPERX code and get started!

Find Your MAXPERX Code!

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