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The summer sun is setting earlier, and that can only mean one thing, fall is on its way! Be sure to take advantage of the great training events happening during the month of September. The RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Team is continuously working on the classes, content, and topics you need to stay current and up to date in your business. Whether it’s a brand new tool, an update to an existing tool, or an interesting new topic no one else is talking about, they have everything you need to take your business to the next level this month.

September Training Events



Leveraging Leaders | Under 30

The beauty of real estate is that each professional, no matter age, gender, career background, personality type, or specialization will have the same experience.  One group this applies to most are Millennials. There is a whole new set of issues, successes, and concerns of Realtors who are under 30, and at Leveraging Leaders, we focus on all of them!

We have a panel of experts who have ideas, tips, and advice to share, giving you the opportunity to learn from people who are currently finding success as real estate professionals under the age of 30. 

By Invite Only



A simple plug in a wall has the power to take something depleted, and restore it to its full potential. It becomes an outlet for greatness. At RE/MAX, we know how important it is to take the time to RE/CHARGE your business.

RE/MAX RE/CHARGE is the power source you need to get energized, educated, and engaged. With keynote speakers, educational breakout sessions to choose your path to success, and the opportunity to network with your peers in unique ways, this premier real estate event will allow you to see how much you can grow with those who know.


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