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If you have attended a RE/MAX event, been in the audience of a RE/MAX Training session, or walked into one of the many RE/MAX offices, you have witnessed first hand the spirit and energy that comes with being a RE/MAX Associate. Aside from being real estate professionals who are experts on the communities you live and work in, you are dedicated to giving back to your community, help build and grow neighbourhoods, and do it all with a positive attitude and smile on your face. Day after day, you work hard to grow your business, and knowing you have a powerful brand standing behind you means you have one less thing to worry about.

When recruiting agents, sharing the value of the RE/MAX brand is one of the most important things you can do! To help you share the value you provide as a RE/MAX Broker/Owner, we have created a Competitive Intel Series that shares information and statistics on how RE/MAX stacks up to the competition. In our last edition, we directly compared RE/MAX to Keller Williams, and this time, we are focusing on Royal LePage! Below, you will find resources that are a compilation of sourced research and statistics sharing that RE/MAX has more to offer than Royal LePage, and information on how you can leverage them in your business:

  • Share with your clients during your listing presentation
  • Share on social media to show how RE/MAX stands up to the competition
  • Are you looking for content for your blog? Summarize the resources below for a quick, yet informative post
  • Have printouts ready to share at open houses, community events, and networking events
Canada Eh[5]
Brand Power[3]

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Keep an eye out for the next addition to our Competitive Intel Series in the coming weeks for more helpful information you can leverage!

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