RE/MAX Launchpad’s Newest Feature is Here!

Resource Card Header

We are excited to introduce the new ‘Resources” card on RE/MAX Launchpad. This new tool will act as a library and content repository for all things RE/MAX INTEGRA.  The goal of creating this new tool was to provide a space, that is password protected, where we can share documents, presentations, lists and marketing materials all through your RE/MAX Launchpad account. 

While the blog will still be the primary place to gather updates and find out how to use the latest marketing materials and technology tools, the ‘Resources’tab on RE/MAX Launchpad will be your go to spot for items like the following: 

  • Event Presentations 
  • Listing Presentations 
  • Brand Power
  • Logos
  • Recruiting Materials
  • Operations Documents 

All of RE/MAX INTEGRA will be using the same “Resources” tab, but our tagging system will allow us to filter content based on region and role.  We believe this will help improve our ability to share resources across our many regions, and continue to provide you with the best tools we have to offer. 

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