Sales Meeting Success Tips | August

Sales Meeting Tips

The sun is shining, the air is warm, and the days until the busy fall market kicks off are numbered. While your agents enjoy the the last few weeks of summer, the last thing they may want to do is work their schedule around a monthly sales meeting. Fortunately, we have the tips you need to not only ensure your Sales Meetings are successful, but will encourage agents to continue to attend them month after month.

  1. How to change your Auto-Response in FiveStreet

The new auto-response feature in FiveStreet allows you to keep a lead warm when you’re too busy to call the person back immediately. Watch the video in RISE called “Auto Responder FiveStreet Setup” to learn how you can customize the wording of your auto-response to make full use of this great feature. 

       2. Fast Facts

RE/MAX Fast Facts are exactly what you need to share attractive, branded, and valuable content. Each month, we provide you with RE/MAX statistics about, social media and more in one attractive marketing piece. Show your agents how they can print off this valuable information on the regional blog and include it in their listing presentation. 

       3.  Go With Those Who Know

You may have seen our ads that share the “Go With Those Who Know” message which drives home the idea that on top of being the expert on the industry, you are the expert on the city, neighbourhood, and community you work in. Show your agents that they can create their own Facebook cover photos in the RE/MAX Design Centre quickly and easily! Check out the blog post on the Regional Blog titled “Go with Those Who Know in Design Centre”. 

        4. Using Instagram for Business

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular and is a primarily visual platform. Talk to your agents about how they can get started and use Instagram in their Real Estate Business. Read the article on RISE called “Tips on using Instagram for your Business”

For more helpful business tips you can share with your agents, be sure to visit RE/MAX RISE!


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