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Are you dreading taking clients on a tour of a home that hasn’t seen a scrub brush in a while? Or, maybe you’re heading away on an early spring vacation, and want to schedule some content on your blog or social media channels to share while you’re away. Either way, our latest App of the Month has you covered!

Whether you want to keep it for your own use, share with your clients, or both, BrightNest has everything you and your clients need to easily get through February! The point of this app is to make homeowners happy by providing them with quick tips and information on important home maintenance tasks. On top of providing helpful tips, they also include a personal schedule, and helpful reminders so your clients can get their tasks completed quickly and easily to keep their home in tip top shape!

Below are some of the reasons you should encourage your clients to download this helpful app!

  • It’s free! All the tips they need to keep their new home running smoothly is available for both iOS and Android at no additional cost.
  • The tips your condo owners need differ from your freehold homeowners. BrightNest has you covered!
  • An interactive quiz helps the app become more personalized to your homeowners and will respond with helpful tips based on your answers.
  • Let’s say your clients see a helpful tip, but are in the middle of another important task. They can easily schedule a time to try it so they don’t forget!
  • With thousands of articles, finding information you can easily use to create content and share on your platforms has never been easier. Whether it’s learning the secrets to a dust-free room, tips to help you get organized, or tips to make your home smell great, BrightNest has everything you need to create valuable content your audience will actually want to read.

Since February is the month to spread love, there is no better way to do it than with this helpful app! Click the buttons below depending on your device to download the app!

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