Share your Month of Miracles Story and Win!

In the month of August we are asking you to share your Miracle Story. RE/MAX celebrates our partnership with the Children’s Miracle Foundation throughout the year, but we’re turning it up a notch during August for the Month of Miracles!

Each day, there are 4,900 children who rely on the support of a Children’s Miracle Network member hospital and many lives have been affected and touched by them. If you have had an experience with one of the 14 Canadian Children Miracle Network Hospitals, we want to hear about it!  The campaign is designed to increase awareness and the importance of supporting local Children’s Hospitals. It will shed light families that have been affected, and on those agents who donate a portion their commission to the CMN Foundation through the Miracle Home Program. At the end of Month of Miracles, one Miracle Story will be chosen from those submitted and this individual will WIN a trip to R4 this coming year in Las Vegas.

The Children’s Miracle Network and RE/MAX want you to share your Miracle Story briefly outlining what lead you to support your Children’s Miracle Hospital. A picture would also be appreciated to accompany your story. Stories will be shared on Facebook throughout the month of August from Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s Facebook page and our RE/MAX Facebook page to inspire others to share their story and to join the Miracle Home Program.

Month of Miracles (1)


To submit your story, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Gagnon (

Thank you on behalf of Children’s Miracle Network and RE/MAX INTEGRA.


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