Show You’re Back in Business with These Rebranded Cover Photos

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We hate to say it, but it won’t be long until back-to-school commercials air and we swap dressers full of shorts for capris, and then capris for pants! There’s no avoiding it, fall is coming, and even though we’ll lose the lighter longer days, there are multiple benefits that come from the change in season, especially for your business!

It is also an exciting time for our brand! With a newly refreshed look, now is the time to start updating your social platforms (one of the first places homebuyer’s look for real estate agents) – with cover photos and social shareable images that will not only show you’re back in business, but will also provide a fresher, more modern version of yourself.

Our Branded Social Cover Photos album on Facebook includes all of the season’s + holiday images WITH the NEW BRANDED LOGO’s on them too!

Say goodbye…

Untitled design-214

And say hello to the new and improved, beautiful consumer-inspired RE/MAX logo!

Untitled design-213

You’ll find we’ve deleted all of the old RE/MAX logo images, including any headers and Facebook albums to align with the refresh of our beautiful brand and we encourage you to do the same!

1. Replace and/or delete any RE/MAX Cover Photos or images that display the old logo.

2. Download one of the new rebranded RE/MAX Cover Photos that better correspond with consumers in the digital space.

Go ahead, explore our-growing album of rebranded seasonal cover photos on Facebook or easily click your favourite Fall Cover Photo below! Make sure to check back often too, there are new headers continually being added!

Fall Cover Photos

Download Fall Cover Photos

Fall Social Shareables

Back to School
Fall 2

Download Fall Social Shareables

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