2017 Snapshot of Success Flyer Now Available

Snapshot of Success

There is no doubt that 2017 was a whirlwind year for Canadian real estate. Our metropolitan markets saw some staggering percentage increases in price, while the periphery markets also saw considerable growth due to spillover effects. Smaller markets throughout Canada also continued to see growth and prosperity, be it a little more stable.

Overall, it was a highly productive year for the real estate industry, and that is always something worth celebrating. Below you will find the 2017 Snapshot of Succes: Canada’s Year in Review. This digital or printable flyer makes for a great addition to your marketing toolbox all year long!

So, how did we do? Just take a look below to find out!


You are a part of a network, where great things are happening and we encourage you to spread the word! Here are a few ways you can use this resource in your marketing efforts:

  • Print this out and add it to your marketing packages
  • Make it a feature in your listing presentations and use it as a conversation piece to show the benefits of working with a big brand
  • Share this on your website in a blog post or as a featured piece of content
  • Post this on your social media channels

There is also a Global Version, which you can preview below, available for download on the RE/MAX Launchpad resource card.



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