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The Christmas tree is packed up, holiday ornaments are safely tucked away, and you have finally managed to vacuum up the stray glitter from your New Year celebrations. Winter is in full swing and while we all have images of blue skies and warm spring days on our minds, we still have a few more months of minter to endure.

While you know it’s important to recognize and share the upcoming holidays with your network, you are also hard at work preparing for the busy spring season ahead that will leave you with very little free time. Celebrating and sharing the season with your clients is something that can be done in a matter of minutes. With a little help from the RE/MAX Design Centre, a quick visit to our Facebook Page, and a well-planned journey through Best Agent, your online marketing will come alive just in time for the big day’s ahead.

Design Centre: Creating special occasion inspired marketing materials that are attractive and branded has never been easier. The RE/MAX Design Centre is more than a tool for marketing your new properties and offers. In a matter of minutes, you can improve your level of customer service by creating branded holiday e-cards, postcards, newsletter templates, and more to help clients celebrate the upcoming holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Family Day, Groundhog Day, St. Patrick’s Day, March Break and more.

Best Agent: When is the last time you took a couple minutes to explore Best Agent? If it’s been a while, there are some helpful resources you are missing out on. Make sure you visit the Social Media section found under the Marketing tab to explore seasonal cover photos and images among the many other helpful tools.

Facebook: We know you’re busy, which is why we want you to be able to access the tools you need from virtually anywhere. Visit us on Facebook to explore a wide variety of seasonal images you can easily share with your network and plenty of cover photos that will give your Business Page or profile some holiday spirit!

Click here to download Family Day Images

Click here to download Valentine’s Day Images

Click here to download Groundhog Day Images

Click here to download March Break Images

Click here to download First Day of Spring Images

Click here for brand new cover photos!

Images are a great way to attract attention and build your online presence. Create some focus around the upcoming special occasions with these branded late winter images you can easily share with your network. Keep in mind that when clicking the links below, images will automatically download to your computer or device before you’re able to view the collection.

Want more great holiday images? Stay tuned on our blog and social media platforms in the coming months for more resources you can use to celebrate special occasions with your clients!

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