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As a real estate professional, your career is built on more than simply helping your clients buy or sell their home. It is a combination of the success-driven mindset it takes to start your own business, the creativity it takes to build and market that business, and the hard work, dedication, and determination it takes to nurture and grow that business. While you possess all these qualities and more, you also have one of the most recognized brands in the world standing behind you.

As a RE/MAX agent, you have access to industry leading tools, resources and technology, and the training to help you implement them in your business. You are invited to events that will help you grow your network, and are provided with the support you need to remain above the crowd. Last, but certainly not least, you have the RE/MAX brand that not only stands out among consumers, but stands above our competitors, proving you are the leaders of the industry.

Whether you are a Broker/Owner or Manager looking to grow your business with success minded individuals, or one of our top-producing agents looking to share the value you provide as a RE/MAX agent, we have the tools for you!

Regional Snapshots & Brand Statements for Sales Associates 

Regional Snapshot: As a region, we are thriving, experienced, productive, and much more. Sharing the success of RE/MAX Associates across the region and the results they achieve will instil confidence in your clients that they made the right choice when choosing a RE/MAX agent. These statistics are perfect to share on social media, on your blog, on your website, and in your listing presentation!

RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Regional Snapshot

Brand Statements: Did you know that every 30 seconds, a RE/MAX agent helps someone find their dream home? Or that nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX? It is these facts that will keep your clients coming back to you, and encourage them to refer you to their friends and family searching for a new home. The resources below are perfect for sharing on your social media channels!


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Competitive Intel Series for Broker/Owners & Managers

To help you share the value you provide as a RE/MAX Broker/Owner, we are pleased to share the first in our Competitive Intel Series, RE/MAX Versus Keller Williams! Below, you will find resources that are a compilation of sourced research and statistics sharing that RE/MAX has more to offer than Keller Williams, and information on how you can leverage them in your business:

  • Share with your clients during your listing presentation
  • Share on social media to show how RE/MAX stands up to competitors
  • Are you looking for content for your blog? Summarize the resources below for a quick, yet informative post
  • Have printouts ready to share at open houses, community events, and networking events

Online Presence
Feefree Leads
Competitive Intel_Collage

Click the Button below to download all Competitive Intel Resources!

Download Competitive Intel Resources

Keep an eye out for the next addition to our Competitive Intel Series in the coming weeks for more helpful information you can leverage!

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