Stay in Touch During the Holidays with Sincerely!

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There is nothing like the holiday season to get everyone in the spirit of giving. Whether it’s finding the perfect gift for that someone special, helping out those in need, or simply lending a helping hand to those who need it over the holiday season, it’s easy to get in the spirit.

One thing that you may notice as your business continues to grow is the length of your shopping list over the holiday season. Luckily, our latest App of the month will help you ensure you stay connected with family, friends, and clients through thoughtful gifts you can quickly and easily share this holiday season. has a family of apps that will have everyone on your list covered so you can spend less time in a busy mall, and more time enjoying the memories you will make with the people closest to you this holiday season.


Did you take an amazing photo of your clients with the sold sign on their brand new home? Make it into a postcard you can easily create and share from your mobile device to help them celebrate the holidays in their new home.


Creating a gift that is unique and easy to share on the go can be a challenge, but with Sesame, you can get it done easily! Design beautiful gifts you can share with your clients directly from your mobile device.

Ink Cards:There is no time like the holidays to create and share a personalized greeting card. With the help of Ink Cards, you can create a meaningful message to share with your clients directly from your mobile device. You can even add an embossed envelope and upgrade to a thicker card stock for a more personalized touch!

Learn more about the other services available to give back this holiday season by visiting If you have other apps you would like to share to help give back during the holidays, leave a comment below!

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