SURVEY: Share Your Input on Our Fall Media Campaign!

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Have your say and let us know what you think of our 2018 Fall Media Campaign!

The only way to improve and continue our #REMAXHustle is to get your feedback on how we can serve you better. We’re committed to keeping the industry’s most recognizable brand top-of-mind during the busy buying and selling seasons. That’s why during the spring and fall market, we run consumer-focused brand advertising campaigns. At the start of September, we released our Fall Media Campaign to consumers.

Now that the 2018 Fall Media Campaign has been on the streets, buses, and mobile phones for the last month, we want to know what impact it’s having on you and your business. One of the ways we can serve you better and ensure our media campaigns achieve their objectives is to get your feedback.

Take the simple, 3-5 minute survey below and share your input with us!

Take the Survey!

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