The Best of Camp RE/MAX 2013 (VIDEO)

The Best of Camp RE/MAX 2013 (VIDEO)

What was your favourite memory this summer? Whether you spent it simply enjoying the (mostly) nice weather, or you were making the most of the time with family and friends, we believe that we can all agree that summer is the time to make memories that will keep you warm throughout the long winter months. At Camp RE/MAX, not only did we make lasting memories, but we learned the tips and tricks you need to boost your online presence and fall productivity to keep your business booming this year. Let’s do a quick recap of the Camp RE/MAX memories we made this summer:

Week 1: Make Splash – Top Tips for Using the RE/MAX Design Centre

The RE/MAX Design Centre is loaded with all your professionally branded marketing materials.

When you’ve complete a project, you have multiple different options for sharing.  Not only can you print and download projects, you can create a unique link for each one which means you can share and see your project at any time.


Week 2: Around the Campfire  Telling a Story with your online content

One of the best and easiest ways to tell a story is through photos.  90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and images are processed 60 thousand times faster in the brain than text! So, how about starting photo blogging?

With the ease of smartphones, we have great camera quality on us at all times.  This means that telling your story through photos is easy, quick and accessible.

Try using apps like Instagram for taking, editing and sharing photos.


Week 3:  7 Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Business

Pinterest is the fastest growing, visually based social network.  It has a large audience and major content.  Most importantly, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

With that, our top take away is to make sure that you are adding in a source for your images.  Make sure that your original content leads your audience to your website, blog or


 Week 4:  Avoid the Obstacles 4 Apps for Business Organization

Mobile development has enabled us to become more organized on one device.  The cool thing about apps is that they are accessible on multiple platforms which makes it much easier to get organized and stay on task. is the perfect app to help you get organized in your business! With the ability to use on your phone and desktop, set reminders, appointments and invite contacts, you will be able to prioritize and get the important things done so you can be prepared for anything!


Week 5: Ride the Rapids – Using video to create more engagement

Creating videos is not only a great way to capture a personal promotion, property or testimonial, but it’s an easy way to create an emotional engagement with your audience.

Videos can be hosted online for free on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or your emails and website. The key take away from creating videos is where you use them.

Add your personal promotional video in your email signature, share them on social media, add them to the end of a property tour, and make it a trailer on your YouTube channel.


Week 6: Say Cheese  Apps for Photos and Videos

After week 5, we really dove deep into video. We wanted to give you the tools to make photography and video easy, fun and professional looking.  There are tons of apps available to help you shoot, edit and share great images.

We talked about over 10 apps to help you enhance your content.


 Week 7: Bulls eye  Targeting Your Social Media

With social media, it’s important to engage, influence and listen! When engaging, one of the most influential things you can do is share more information.  When you share videos and links, are you using a shortened link so that you can actually track what happens after you post it?

Through, you can shorten and brand any URL to have a brand, but you can also then track those analytics. It’s important to know if your links are being opened, and where are they being opened.

This helps you better target your audience and understand what information they’re looking to you for.


Week 8: Using a Content Calendar to Pull it all Together

Finally, in our last week we had a special time and special guest.  Katie Lance, of Katie Lance Consulting and formally of Inman News joined us to talk about creating a content calendar.

She stressed the importance of having content 30 days in advance, so you’re never stuck thinking, “what am I going to post today.”

An easy way to get 30 days of content is by spending one afternoon taking 30 photos of your neighbourhood.  What are your favorite places to skate, eat, run, meet friends, shop etc. Share one photo each day, showcasing both your neighbourhood, and you as an expert in your neighbourhood.


What was your favourite memory from camp RE/MAX this summer? Leave us a comment below; we’d love to hear your final thoughts!

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  • Denny Laurin says:

    Thanks Valerie and Nataleigh for all the great sessions…I was there for all 8 of them. I did find though that I did lose a lot of audience when they realized the sessions were focused mostly on iPad users and not Android or BlackBerry. I know that RE/MAX promotes iPad a lot but I have to think that still only about 20-25% are using it, we seem to have a large base of Android and BlackBerry.

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