The RE/MAX Balloon — Upward and Eastward

This is an image of the RE/MAX Balloon from that of the perspective of someone beneath featuring the RE/MAX balloon hashtag - #AboveTheCrowd

This is an image of the calendar for September 2013 and the 10th is circledThe time has come for the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon to makes it way to Atlantic Canada! After a slight hiccup with the original dates due to an unforeseen health challenge with our main man, Pilot Scotty MacRitchie, we are back on track and ready to send the balloon to our Eastern provinces!

Starting September 10, 2013 through to October 9, 2013, the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon will be soaring Above The Crowd in places like Moncton, Syndney, Halifax, Charlottetown and Saint John to name a few. Invite your clients to the event nearest you and use this as an opportunity to reconnect while enjoying a ride on the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon. To see the full list of flight dates, take a look at the balloon calendar. Thinking of handing out promotional items to stay connected with existing and potential clients? Find everything you need at the RE/MAX Shopping Cart.

Now for the fun stuff — how to get involved in social! New this year, we have asked RE/MAX Associates as well as home buyers and sellers, across the country, to share their photos with us via social media. Now you, your clients, and all your family and friends can spot, shoot and share your photos of the RE/MAX hot air balloon with the world by using the hashtag #AboveTheCrowd on both Facebook and Twitter. You can also find photos that others have taken by visiting the RE/MAX Canada Facebook and Twitter pages. Have a story to share? We’d love to hear it! Stop by the RE/MAX Canada Facebook page and leave a post on our wall! Let clients know how they can get involved by sharing this blog post as it highlights everything they need to know.

Find out more about the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon program and how you can arrange to have it visit your city.

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