The RE/MAX Toolbox: TIME Recap

RE/MAX Toolbox Recap

We have all been in the position where we waste precious minutes, hours, or even days searching for something we just can’t find. Whether it’s a tool to fix something around the house, a missing recipe, or the other half of your favourite pair of socks, they will never go missing if they are always kept in the same, easy to find place. While we may not be able to help you find the items mentioned above, we do want to help you avoid this problem in your business, which is why we created the RE/MAX Toolbox.

The RE/MAX Toolbox is the number one tool you have to add value to your business. It is exclusive to the RE/MAX Network and is there to help you grow your career, generate leads, and promote yourself. Last week at RE/MAX TIME, RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialist Kiran Gandhi shared everything you need to know to start leveraging the RE/MAX Toolbox in your business. Below are the top takeaways:

LeadStreet: Do you know how to accept leads and enhance your listings? There are many ways to use the RE/MAX Toolbox and LeadStreet to generate more leads; we’ve listed the Top Ten here.

BestAgent: If you are ever looking for anything in regards to your business, chances are pretty good you will find exactly what you’re looking for on Best Agent. Make it easier than ever by customizing your home page so it is tailored to you and your needs. With a few easy steps, you can customize your homepage to feature the tools and information that are most important to you.

Curbside Marketing: Being a part of the RE/MAX network gives you exclusive access to lead generating programs like our Curbside Marketing program. Find out how to get started with Curbside Marketing with these helpful tips.

Design Centre: Creating attractive, branded marketing material has never been easier. Use the RE/MAX Design Centre to not only create projects, but also share them online.

Stop spending time searching for the tools that are easily available to you whenever you need them. The RE/MAX Toolbox has everything you need to be successful in your real estate career, and is free for you to use and play around with. Now that you know what is available and where to find it, there is no better time to get started. Make sure you visit RE/MAX RISE for more helpful information and advice on how you can leverage the RE/MAX Toolbox in your business.

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