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Introducing the PROtect App

One of the things we don’t talk about very much is how the very nature of real estate involves major personal risk. REALTORS® often work alone, in vacant buildings, with complete strangers – which really if you think about it could be the trifecta of “potentially putting yourself in harms way.” Did you know that 1.4 million realtors have experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety?

In February 2008, a REALTOR® in Victoria was stabbed to death while meeting a “client” at an upscale home listed for sale. According to her co-workers, she had felt uncomfortable about the meeting, but went anyway.

In December 2007, a Winnipeg REALTOR® was sexually assaulted in a man’s apartment when she brought him forms to fill out and sign. The REALTOR® had shown the man several houses that day and he asked her to bring the forms so he could make an offer on one of them.

In an attempt to keep our industry safe, PROtect Smart Personal Safety, a REALTOR® safety app, is partnering with with RE/MAX INTEGRA to offer FREE ACCOUNTS to all RE/MAX INTEGRA REALTORS®! In order for REALTORS®!

To sign up for your free account, download PROtect from The App Store or Google Play, and sign up with your RE/MAX INTEGRA email address.

PROtect is a smart & simple app for personal and work safety. With PROtect, your friends, family and co-workers can watch over you when you are travelling or working alone.

It takes two minutes to set up, tops. This tool will enable you to notify friends/family/coworkers (basically whoever you want) that you’re safe when you’re running an open house or working alone.


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