The Value of Self-Talk

The Power of Self-Talk in Real Estate

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At a recent seminar I conducted, one of the attendees questioned the value of using affirmations, in other words ‘Self-Talk’, to help bolster our mindset. What the person said was, “I don’t use affirmations because I don’t believe in them.”  I smiled and replied with a cheeky comment — “That’s interesting, because you just used one!”

Whether positive or negative, each and every one of us use some form of an affirmation in our day-to-day lives. For example when in conversation with others you may find yourself saying things like “My client was really please with the final price I was able to negotiate” or “My sales results have been really crappy lately”. Great Salespeople understand the power of affirmations and use them to their advantage.

So I challenge you with this: Recognize the affirmations you make each day. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m saying adding or taking away from who I am?” To get started, below are a few examples of affirmations that I encourage you to use on a daily basis:

  1. I love my job! Every day is a new adventure!
  2. With every day, I get better and better at what I do!
  3. I work hard to negotiate the best prices for my clients!
  4. With every experience I become better at objection handling!
  5. Success is mine for the asking…I am fully able!


Bruce Keith
Real Estate Coach and Trainer

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