Top 10 Things You Can Do Now to Stand Out

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  1. Update your Profile to Stand Out

RE/MAX invests a lot in search engine optimization to help you stand out, there’s a good chance your profile on is the first place where a potential client begins to form an impression of you. Make it a good impression by editing your bio, have a photo, or upload a new current photo by logging into RE/MAX Launchpad and navigating to the “Control Panel.”

  1. Watch the Videos Available on RE/MAX University to Learn How to Use RE/MAX Tools

Did you know there is an entire video series for agents who are new to the RE/MAX Brand? Simply log into RE/MAX Launchpad, go to “RE/MAX University” and select “New to RE/MAX” in the left panel to watch a series of videos that will teach you everything you need to know about the RE/MAX Launchpad Productivity Suite of tools.

  1. Canada Post Unaddressed Admail

Did you know you can easily access the Canada Post Unaddressed Admail directly in RE/MAX Launchpad? Simply log in and click on the new “Canada Post” button under “Marketing.”

  1. Receive the Right Leads on by choosing the Right Market Assignments

Make sure you go to the “Control Panel” in RE/MAX Launchpad to select the areas you want to receive leads on You can choose up to 10 FSA’s (Forward Sortation Areas) by selecting the first three digits of a postal code.

  1. Customize your Fivestreet Auto-Response

In RE/MAX Launchpad, simply and click on the “Fivestreet” tile. Once you’re in Fivestreet, go to the “Response” tab, turn it on and then customize the auto-responses you want your leads to receive when you successfully claim a lead.

  1. Order Your Three FREE Yard Signs Through Staples

Order your three FREE yard signs now by clicking the “Brand Refresh” tile on RE/MAX Launchpad. This amazing promotion has just been extended to March 31, 2018 or until 5,000 have been sold (whichever comes first)!

  1. Save Time & Money with Design Centre’s Templates, Marketing Materials and More

Click on the “Design Centre” tile to create hundreds of different marketing materials. They are all branded with the updated logos, and templated for ease of use. From flyers to feature sheets, single property websites to digital listing presentations, Design Centre has it all!

  1. Show Your Value By Using the Many Resources Available in the Competitive Intelligence Folder

Sharing the value of the RE/MAX brand is one of the most important things you can do! To help you share the value you bring to the table as a RE/MAX agent, we have created a Competitive Intelligence Series that shares information and statistics on how RE/MAX stacks up to the competition. You can access these visually appealing reports in the “Resources” tile in RE/MAX Launchpad under the “Competitive Intelligence” folder.

  1. Add the Market Share Reports to your Marketing Strategy

Show your clients how much RE/MAX agents are selling in your local market. This is a great tool to use in listing presentations and to help gain a competitive advantage. You can find the Market Share reports on by typing in “Market Share Reports” here on the blog, or in the “Resources” card on RE/MAX Launchpad. 

  1. Give Back to Your Community Through RE/MAX Cares

It is so important to give back to your community. RE/MAX INTEGRA is proud to support the Children’s Miracle Network, as well as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. You can easily click on the “RE/MAX Cares” tile in RE/MAX Launchpad to enroll in any of our charitable initiatives or to increase your contribution. You can donate as little as $25 per transaction and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year!

The blog post above was written by Ontario-Atlantic Training Specialist Amanda Ward!

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Amanda Ward

Learning and Development Specialist

RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario-Atlantic


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