Top 5 Support Questions & Answers in Q1

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Whether it’s a new tool, a new feature or just a quick question, our support team at is committed to helping each and every member of our network get the most out of the various technology platforms and tools we offer. New to 2017, we are gathering the most frequently asked questions each quarter and providing the answers. From FiveStreet leads to profiles on – you might discover a feature you didn’t know existed or find the answer you’ve been looking for in our first set below.

Why am I receiving leads outside of the Market Assignments that I selected?

The FSAs that each agent in your office selects makes the office eligible to receive leads in those market assignments. Leads that are filtered into the office Fivestreet account will then be broadcasted per the office’s broadcasting rule. The default rule is that all agents who are entered in the ‘Team’ roster will be eligible to receive any ‘new’ lead regardless of location. In order for agents to only receive leads for FSAs they have selected, the office would need to enable the ‘Zip Code Rule’, which would have to be manually managed by the office.

I accepted a lead, but my auto responder in Fivestreet was not sent to the client.

Only one auto responder will be sent from Fivestreet. If a lead comes in through the office Fivestreet account then the office Fivestreet auto responder will be sent. If a lead comes in through the agent’s Fivestreet account (such as from the agent’s website, or paid leads) then the agent’s auto responder will be sent to the client.

Why isn't my photo displayed on my profile?

To add or update your photo on your profile, you will want to log into Launchpad, select the ‘Control Panel’, and access your ‘Profile’. Here you will be able to upload your agent photo. Your updated photo will display on your profile within 24 hours.

I am the secondary listing agent and am not receiving curtsied marketing text notifications for my listing.

Only the primary listing agent will receive the curbside marketing text notifications, even if the secondary listing agent has selected an ‘SMS Keyword’ for the listing in their Enhanced Listing Manager.

When I share my listing to Facebook, the wrong listing is displayed.

Facebook does have a caching bug that causes this type of issue to happen, but they have created a debugging tool that you can use so that you can clear any old listing information and have the correct information updated. Please complete the below steps so that your listing will appear correctly when sharing to Facebook:

1. Open the listing on

2. Copy the entire URL

3. Go to

4. Paste the URL and select the blue ‘Debug’ button

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see how the listing will now appear when sharing to Facebook. Please note, you may have to ‘debug’ the URL twice before the correct information will display.

6. Scroll up to the top of the page and select the blue ‘Fetch new scrape information’ Facebook will automatically choose which main photo is displayed for the listing.

If you experience any challenges or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Support Team. We’re available by email or click on the blue ‘Help’ button in Launchpad. We are committed to providing you with the information and materials you need.

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