Top Four Sales Meeting Tips for May

Sales Meeting Tips

May has arrived, which means aside from the flowers brought on by April showers, we will also begin to see signs of the Spring market slowing down as we gear up for the long, lazy days of summer on the horizon. What this also means is attendance at your sales meetings might begin to slow down. Fortunately, RE/MAX INTEGRA Training Specialist, Amanda Ward, has the tips you need to keep your monthly sales meetings informative and entertaining so your agents actually want to attend!

1.) Create Drip Campaigns in Design Centre

Show your agents how to set up a drip campaign in Design Centre by watching the 5-minute video in RISE titled “Creating Drip Campaigns in RE/MAX Design Centre” and then discuss with them how drip campaigns can be useful for staying in touch.

2.)Create a Facebook Business Page

Social media has become an important part of marketing yourself as a Realtor. Show your agents how to set up a business page and discuss how they can leverage social media to generate more business. Watch the video on RISE titles “Top 5 Tips for Facebook Business Pages”

3.) Setting Up a Texting Signature

When responding to a new lead, wouldn’t it be easier if you could insert a signature so that the person receiving your text will know who you are? Well you can! Watch the video on RISE titled “Set up a texting signature on iPhone” and show your agents how they can use this handy feature.

4.) Using Canva

Do you have agents struggling with creating attractive images for their website or social media? Point them towards Canva, a free tool they can use to edit images and create fabulous marketing pieces. Watch the video on RISE titled “How to Edit an Image on Canva”.

To access all of these videos, all you have to do is login to RE/MAX Launchpad, and click on the RISE button! From there, you can use the search feature to find all these videos and more to show your agents to help them become more efficient, more productive, and ultimately more successful.

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