Top Sales Meeting Tips | June

When the choice is enjoying the warm summer sun and fun outdoor activities, or attending an indoor sales meeting, the decision isn’t all that difficult! Now that summer has officially arrived, you may be finding attendance at your monthly sales meetings is decreasing. Luckily, we have the tips you need to not only encourage your agents to attend, but to keep them coming back each month for the remainder of the year.

To get started, log into RE/MAX RISE through RE/MAX Launchpad so you can quickly and easily follow along while building the agenda for your next meeting:

1.) How to choose your FSA’s to Recieve leads

With the introduction to FiveStreet in the RE/MAX Launchpad Productivity Suite, we have now moved away from service areas done by city name and are now distributing leads based on FSA’s (First 3 digits of the postal code). Watch the video in RISE called “Choosing FSA’s for leads”.

2.) Market Share Reports

Show your clients how much more RE/MAX agents are selling in your local market. This is a great tool to use in listing presentations. Discuss other good ways to use this tool to gain a competitive advantage and show agents where they can find these reports on the regional blog.

3.) Going Paperless

Discuss the importance of the digital age and teach your agents the benefits and conveniences of going paperless. Items to discuss can include tools like DocuSign, Dropbox and the Cloud. There are videos on all of these tools in RISE you can show your agents.

4.) Drip Campaigns

Following up and staying in touch are two very important aspects of real estate. Show your agents how easily they can set up their clients and prospects on a drip campaign in Design Centre. Watch the video on RISE called “Creating Drip Campaigns on RE/MAX Design Centre”.

Now that you have the content ready to go, why not go the extra mile? Snacks, team building activities, fun outings are a great way to build moral in your office, and ensure your sales meetings are more successful than ever!

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