Top Sales Meeting Tips | October


Autumn has arrived, and aside from cozy sweaters, seasonal beverages, and spooky holidays on the horizon, it also means that you and your agents are back in the full swing of the busy fall market. Gone are the days of long hours spent outdoors, only to be replaced by client meetings, showings, open houses. With so much going on, your agents may be debating whether to meet a client, or build their business at a sales meeting, and choosing the right option is imperative to both of your success. Reminding agents that investing time in their business, even when they are extremely busy, is important to do as often as possible. See below for a few helpful tips that will help make the decision a little bit easier for your agents.

  1. Enhance Your Listing on Talk to your agents about some of the improvements they can make to their listings as they appear on via the “Enhanced Listing Manager”. Watch the video on RISE called “Enhanced Listing Manager” to review some of the highlights of this tool.
  2. Stay Organized: Discuss the importance of staying organized in your business. Watch Episode 8 of Camp available on RISE called “Bumper Cars”.
  3. RE/MAX Cares: Discuss the importance of giving back to your community share how they can give back through the sale of each home with the Miracle Home Program and Home for a Cure.
  4. Listing Presentation Template: Let your agents know that RE/MAX now offers our agents a templated listing presentation. They can easily edit the presentation and customize it to make it their own. Learn more and find out how you can access the presentation here.

Do you have tips and tricks you find helpful during your sales meetings? Share them with us in the comments below so we can ensure everyone is successful this fall!



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