Fast Facts Has Been Updated to Include Canada-Wide Information

Fast Facts 2017- laptop - blog feature

It’s no secret that RE/MAX has been on a roll lately, receiving a bunch of positive media exposure. We’ve had a lot of good news to share the past few weeks and many of our Facebook posts celebrate some of our recent successes, like RE/MAX being listed as the highest-ranking real estate franchise in the annual Franchise 500 ranking by Entrepreneur magazine and that we are Canada’s Most Trusted Real Estate Brand by BrandSpark, but things don’t stop there.

In fact, things are about to get even better. We are happy to announce the return of the agent-loved resource, the RE/MAX Fast Facts. These used to be released on a monthly basis, but now will be published annually and is available for you to use all year round, in more ways than ever before!

Here is the new and improved RE/MAX Fast Facts!

RE/MAX 2017 Fast Facts - Year in Review

Download Fast Facts

The RE/MAX Fast Facts reveal that over 93 million people visited RE/MAX Canada last year, but that’s not all! Here are a few ways how you can utilize and position the RE/MAX Fast Facts!

  1. Upload the RE/MAX Fast Facts online, either to your Facebook page, Instagram, etc. with a post like, “If you decide to list your home with me you’ll be backed by the power of the RE/MAX brand. Millions of interested homebuyers visit RE/MAX Canada every month giving you the best opportunity to sell your home for top dollar.”
  2. Make your listing presentations more visual by adding the RE/MAX Fast Facts to them, to show potential clients that when they work with you, they’ll be backed by the #1 brand in real estate in the world.
  3. Print out a few RE/MAX Fast Fact pages and attach your business card to them. That way the next time you attend an event or want to leave a lasting impression on someone, they’ll not only know who you are, but how much you have to offer.


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