Web Support FAQ: Holiday Edition

Web Support FAQ: Holiday Edition

The Holiday season truly is the most wonderful time of the year. There are sweet treats on every available surface, jingle bells ringing aloud for all to hear, and a busy schedule full of friends, family, and loved ones. However, after a couple hours of chasing runaway tinsel from your tree, and trying to tame children who hit the sweets table a little too hard, the last thing you need is to be stressing out about your unanswered web support questions!

Luckily, we have put together your most frequently asked questions so you can spend time where it really matters this holiday season. Look below for the answers you need and remember to contact webadmin@remax-oa.com if you have any more questions!

Help! You Forgot your Best Agent Password: If you have forgotten your Best Agent password, don’t worry, finding it is actually quite easy! All you have to do is select the “Forgot your Password” link located under the sign-in area. Keep in mind that your password will be sent to the email address RE/MAX INTEGRA has on file for you. If you have changed your email for any reason, now would be a great time to provide your brokerage with a current and up to date email address to ensure you receive all communications going forward.

Do you Want a REMAX.net Email Address? Want to learn more about setting up a RE.MAX.net email address? For more information on this service please reach out to MainStreet Support where you will be able to connect with MainStreet Support via : ecare@remax.net

Are your Profiles Updated? We’re about to enter a new year, why not let your online profiles show it! All you have to do is visit Best Agent where you will be able to log in and make any updates or changes you would like to see reflected in 2015. Simply click “Profile” found at the top of the page, and then follow the updating options you will find in the “Edit Profile” and “Edit Photo” section. Remember that once any changes have been made in the “Edit Profile” section you must select “Request Changes” for that information to be updated successfully. Please also allow 24 hours to pass for all changes to be reflected on remax.ca.

Having Trouble Creating Holiday Marketing Material? This is a great time of year to share a thoughtful message with past, present, and future clients, and what better way to do it than with the RE/MAX Design Centre. If you need any additional help while creating your branded marketing material, make sure you check out the Design Centre Frequently Asked Questions found here.

Lead Alerts: LeadStreet and remax.ca never sleep, and as a result you will continue to receive Lead Notifications throughout the Holidays! In the case you accidentally delete the email notification with the Lead Information, you simply need to access your LeadStreet account via your BestAgent.ca account and select the “Leads” tab found on the top navigation bar. The Lead information will be waiting there!

Canada Post Unaddressed AdMAIL service: Want to spread holiday cheer and real estate information for all to see? If you’re looking to take part in this program, you simply need to sign into your BestAgent.ca account and hold the cursor over the “Resources and Downloads” tab found on the top navigation bar : once the drop down menu appears click on the “Suppliers Marketplace” option found in the “All Resources and Information” column found on the right hand side of the drop down menu. Once you have selected the “Suppliers Market Place” you need to select the Canada Post option and follow the instructions. For any questions you have regarding placing an order, billing etc, please remember to follow up directly with Canada Post.

Did you find the answer you were looking for? If not, don’t worry, there is still time to contact web support! Keep in mind that we will be closing for the Holidays on Wednesday December 24, and will be reopening on Monday January 5, 2015!

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