What’s On Your Plate

Have you been avoiding social media? There are many reasons why people might put off joining, so what is your reason? Or, should we call it an excuse? Whether you just think you don’t have enough time to keep up with it, or you feel you don’t have anything interesting to post, there has never been a better time to tear off that band aid and jump right in to the world of social media!

The first step in creating your online voice is coming up with a strategy that will work for you and your business. For example, take a look at this infographic that shows what is on your “Facebook Menu”. Each day of the week, you can follow these guidelines that will help you create the content your audience wants to see. You can create consistency, and plan ahead so that you will no longer have to worry about what you are going to post, and when you will have the time. By taking a few minutes each day, you can create and maintain a positive online voice and be able to interact with your audience.

This infographic also gives you the information you need to know when it comes to creating your content based on the topics in the menu.  Remember to always keep your content functional, comprehensible, and usable while still sounding like you! Above all else, your content should be enjoyable and motivational and should inspire your audience.

With all the tips and tricks in this infographic, you should be able to whip up the perfect recipe for your social media strategy!

This is an infographic on content strategy ideas for Facebook and Social Media

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