What’s the Secret to Success in Sales?

One of the best ways to develop a successful sales practice is to model other people who are already successful. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel”… just find out what someone else is doing well and mirror their approach. This certainly works well when it comes to Lead Generation and Prospecting. A major component of success in the Business of Sales is creating new leads. This is a critical skill, one that too many Sales Associates perform all too infrequently. Want more leads? Take advantage of the following suggestions below.

ACTION PLAN: Find a successful Sales Associate and ask them to let you learn, observe and ask questions. Note: The key to this exercise is to observe how they prospect. Whether they are on the telephone or face-to-face — observe and take notes.

    1. Observe their style and delivery and take note of what skills they are using that you could add to your repertoire. Usually a minimum of one hour timeframe is advisable.
    2. Recognize where you are falling short and pay attention to opportunities to improve your delivery.
    3. Don’t interrupt them, take notes and review often. It is important that you not only observe their style but are cognizant of the rhythm they create while contacting various prospects. Do they allow a lot of interruptions or do they just keep going to generate more contacts?
    4. Generate questions with regards to their rate of speech, tonality, use of scripts (did they stick to them?), conversation style, and closing techniques. Find out why they do the things they do.

The next time you get together, reverse the roles and now you become the teacher and they become the student. One of the benefits of this exercise is that the person prospecting will always perform at their best when someone else is watching. It’s win-win for both of you. Have fun with this and at the same time follow the above guidelines. It’s not a time to get together and chat and make a few phone calls… it’s Showtime! NO Excuses.

Guest Blogger: Bruce Keith

Bruce Keith is a renowned Real Estate Coach, Trainer, and Agent with 20+ years’ experience. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for more FREE tips from Bruce Keith, use the contact information below.

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