Why Commitment Equals Results


This is an image of Tom Brady intensely pointing in the middle of a play

Image c/o: patriots.com

Tom Brady is a quarterback for the New England Patriots. At this writing he has 138 wins and only 39 losses. This is the highest winning percentage of any quarterback in the NFL by far. Bottom line, he is an amazing performer. We watch his poise, confidence, professionalism, and leadership in awe. No one can ever argue that he is not the consummate professional. Tom Brady has been very successful since he entered the league in the summer of 2000. He has won three super Bowls, twice selected as the Super Bowl MVP, and is frequently selected to play in the Pro Bowl. The experts say that Tom Brady is a shoe-in as a first ballot Hall of Fame winner!

What’s this got to do with Sales you ask?

Whether you are a football fan or not, it is worth knowing how Mr. Brady got to where he is today. It took a lot of time, it took a lot of patience, and it took a lot of staying focused on a plan and a goal that was ingrained within him. He earned his stripes and it was far from easy. Tom Brady was drafted 199th overall in the sixth round in the summer of 2000 (not exactly at the top of the list). In other words, Brady wasn’t exactly regarded as an all-star player. He knew that as he began this process, he would have to work for it. Brady made the team in his first year as a fourth string quarterback. That year he hardly played, throwing only three passes. In the second year (2001) his opportunity to play in a game didn’t come until the first-string quarterback was injured, a month and a half into the season.

Experts say it is a result of these 3 things that Tom Brady continues to be successful and one of, if not, the most well-known quarterbacks of all time:

  1. He is committed and focused on being the best
  2. His breaks are few and has the same level of intensity every time
  3. He keeps his emotions “between the lines”… no drama


Use these 3 pillars in your everyday life to achieve your own levels of greatness for you and your business. Most of all stick with it, be patient and make sure you have a great game every day! The good news is that it’s never too late to win your own personal Super Bowl. 


Bruce Keith
Real Estate Coach | Bruce Keith Results

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