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UPDATE: The static copies are no longer available to order.

When you’re asked what you do for a living, what do you say? Chances are, it is as simple as saying you work at RE/MAX. What we understand more than anyone is there is so much more to it than that.

You are in the business of helping people find a place they can call home. You help them find the place where they will make memories, grow, and spend time with the people that mean the most to them. The value you provide to your clients makes us work hard to provide a similar experience for you. RE/MAX is more than simply the place you work; it’s a place you call home.

To provide you with the best, we have created the WHY RE/MAX booklet – a tool you can leverage to help you build and grow your business so you can continue to help the people in your community find a place to call home.

WHY RE/MAX Booklets - Ontario Atlantic Canada - preview


The new Why RE/MAX booklet showcases the RE/MAX value proposition and is a perfect resource for recruiting and retention alike. We have once again created a RE/MAX INTEGRA version of Why RE/MAX – layering in exclusive INTEGRA offerings such as RE/MAX Launchpad, local events, and customized educational support. Complimentary copies of the RE/MAX INTEGRA Ontario-Atlantic version were mailed to Broker/Owners the week of October 15th.

The booklets showcase the many reasons why RE/MAX agents are not only among the best in the industry, but they are also the most productive. Broker/Owners can use it when recruiting to show that by joining RE/MAX, you are joining a winning team. It can also be used by Agents in a listing presentation to show the many benefits of choosing to work with a RE/MAX Agent.

Whether you are a Broker/Owner looking for a tool to help you when recruiting, hiring, or building a team, or you are an agent looking to forge partnerships and reinforce your passion for being part of a winning team, the Why RE/MAX booklets are here to help.

Custom Printed Copies:

This version can be ordered through our on-demand print service, 1TouchPoint via MaxCenter. They are headquartered in the United States, so please pay attention to U.S. pricing. The minimum order is 50 customized booklets. They are approximately $142.50 USD per bundle of 50 with additional volume discounts available. There are shipping costs on top of the print booklet purchase and receiving your order will take a minimum of 5 business days. You are able to customize the cover pages with contact information and include custom messaging on the inside. Please be sure to select the Ontario-Atlantic version of the customizable booklet when ordering this option.

Click here to download a step-by-step PDF that explains how to order your custom booklet.

Orders are collected weekly with the order cut off time being 7:00am MST every Monday. Orders are then shipped out the following Friday.

For support on the custom order site, please email remaxhelp@1touchpoint.com.

Note: You will be required to setup a secure account to order RE/MAX INTEGRA Why RE/MAX brochures. Above mentioned price does not including shipping fees.

Custom Order

Please download the Ontario-Atlantic Canada (OA) version for our region.

Please download the Ontario-Atlantic Canada (OA) version for our region.

Downloadable PDF:

High resolution PDF files of the RE/MAX INTEGRA Why RE/MAX booklet are now available for download through Launchpad. PDF files come in both a single page (ideal for printing in the office) and page spread (best for sending to your own printer).

Additional Recruiting Materials

Use the Why RE/MAX Drip emails available in Design Centre. There are eight designs to pick from.

Design Centre Emails

Do you use Facebook or Adwerx for recruiting? Access the complementing Why RE/MAX ad images (which includes a “social” image sized for Facebook).

Ad Images


5 Simple Ways to Use the WHY RE/MAX Booklet:

  1. Customize your booklets for potential recruits or clients by writing your contact information inside, a special note or even highlighting some of your professional achievements. Customizing your booklet shows them you’re willing to go the extra mile – and with your contact information inside, they can’t forget you!
  2. Bring them to meetings with current agents that could benefit from a better understanding of the RE/MAX offerings.
  3. Email the digital copy in your recruiting drip campaigns or use it in your email signature.
  4. Use some of the statistics and information inside the Why RE/MAX booklet for social media posts and emails. When you have nothing to say or don’t know how to word something the right way, use the booklet for inspiration! From hashtags that you could be using to bring more awareness to your business to where you can find more resources, there’s surely something inside you don’t know of now that you should learn how to leverage!
  5. Print your favourite pages for open houses, meetings, and more by downloading the digital copy. It’s okay to have favourites! Pick and choose which pages of the booklet you like most and print those individual pages. If you’re a Miracle Home agent, print the Miracle Home Program section of the booklet, if you’re a luxury agent, use the power of the RE/MAX luxury statistics.

If you have questions regarding Why RE/MAX Booklets please contact Sheryl Sharma at ssharma@remaxintegra.com.

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